The small lobster village of Round Pond is home of the most eccentric 4th of July parade you’ll find. Round Pond is part of the town of Bristol and every summer it hosts an anything goes march for America’s birthday. Parade participants make fun of everything from politicians to annoying visitors from away.  A Trump impersonator and Goodell protesters are in the 2016 video. Locals also dress-up annually as Tacky Tourists doing a synchronized lawn chair dance . These folks from the coast really know how to celebrate freedom and get their points across with humor. If you’re looking for a wicked twisted version of good old fashioned Americana where people aren’t concerned about ‘sacred cows’, maybe you and the fam should head up to the Pemaquid area this weekend, bub. I can't find anything on the internets about a schedule for this year so if anybody has info, let us know!


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