According to the Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs, there are 25 fairs total to choose from.

That's a awful lot of farm animal petting and fried dough.

Howevah, we Mainahs can't get enuff. The final big one all next week oughta do the trick.

Check out this awesome video view from above shot a few years ago by our friends at DragonFly Aerials.

Fair season started in Monmouth last June. Now we're on number 24 with the Cumberland Fair going on through Saturday September 28th.

Then on Sunday September 29th, it's the mutha of them all.

Get ready for the supah huge Blue Ribbon Classic. It's the one and only Fryeburg Fair.

Celeste will be at the Fryeburg Fair broadcasting live on Thursday October 3rd from 10a-12n. She's bringing along Deep Purple tickets for the October 6th show at Merrill Auditorium in Portland to win too. Come by and see us.


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