New Hampshire is to skiing as Hawaii is to surfing.

Kids in New  Hampshire are often put in ski boots before they are walking and running around comfortably.

I mean, we have seen New England locals like Mikaela Shiffrin and Jessie Diggins thrive in the professional ski world because they have trained out east.

"Shiffrin, 26, grew up skiing in New Hampshire before attending Burke Mountain Academy in Vermont," according to a article. "Diggins, 30, spends time each year training in Stratton Mountain in Vermont when not at her South Boston home."

It is in our DNA as New Englanders to get to the mountain and learn to ski ice, tough conditions, and difficult trails.

“I think there’s a strong culture of skiing, especially in northern New England,” said Dartmouth director of skiing and women’s Nordic coach Cami Thompson Graves. “And there are quite a few classic ski towns up here. I think it draws people from southern New England as well.”

The Dartmouth College ski team, for example, can claim to have had at least one skier on every United States Olympic team since the first Winter Games in 1924, according to a article.

Well, brother and sister Hunter and Grace Henderson from Durham, New Hampshire, are following in the footsteps of other professional New England skiers.

The 20-year-old siblings, who grew up skiing at Waterville Valley in New Hampshire, were just invited to join the World Ski Championships this month in Bakuriani, Georgia.

“Every day I get to wake up and go ski and that's my life so I’d like to keep doing that for as long as possible because we're pretty lucky to be able to do that,” Hunter Henderson said in a WMUR article.

New Hampshire is so proud of these two as they have been working toward this incredible accomplishment.

“Since we were both young, we both wanted to be professional skiers,” Grace Henderson said to WMUR.

Toyota U.S. Grand Prix Mammoth Mountain - Day 2
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Above is Hunter Henderson in competition mode.

So, to the Hendersons, good luck representing the Granite State. Make us proud, from the 603.

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