According to the Portland Park and Recreation Facilities Dept., a mama snapper was smart enough to stay away from a busy Forest Ave. or Congress St. intersection, but she did decide to make her nest in the middle of a path by Capisic Pond in Portland.

The nest with three eggs and a very protective Snapping Turtle mom is on a path between Capisic St. and Rockland Ave.

A sign has been put up to not disturb them, but it is not every day that you can show your child a snapping turtle nest. If you're curious, please keep a respectful distance and let mama tend her eggs.

When the eggs hatch the babies will scurry to the nearest body of water, which would be Capisic Pond. It will take 3 or 4 months for them to hatch and then off they go.

A snapping turtle nest makes for an educational nature walk. We live in a developed area and we still have lots of wildlife. We have deer, foxes and wild turkeys in our yard on the regular.

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