According to News Center Maine, Adam "Ditch" Kurtz, originally from Harpswell, was featured in Rolling Stone magazine for his parody of Johnny Cash's "Man in Black".

Kurtz lives in Nashville now and wrote the parody song, "Man in a Mask" in reaction to the lack of mask wearing going on around him. Rolling Stone online featured his video:

Ditch, an accomplished steel pedal guitar player, dressed all in black to channel his inner "Johnny" as he listed all of the reasons that he wears a mask in the song.

The video was shot in Nashville's Entertainment District, right in front of Kid Rock's "Bad Ass Honky Tonk and Rock & Roll Steakhouse" where they are clearly defying Coronavirus protocols. You wouldn't know there was a pandemic going on by watching the video. It looks like a giant street party; and honestly it made me long for simpler times when we could ride in a party tractor wagon down the road.

Let's hope some people got the message because on the day that Kurtz filmed his low budget video the county reported 350 new cases is just 24 hours.



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