Did you buy anything new in preparation for the Big Game today? I bought Patriots tissues and paper plates. I'll be wearing my sequined Pats shirt, headband and necklaces. I bought my sister, Danielle,  Patriots flannel pants for watching the game. Food, decorations, drinks...

Aside from the team swag, hosting a Super Bowl party has become super expensive! According to CNBC.com, a survey done by the National Retail Federation found that football fans will spend about $14.8 BILLION dollars on parties this year!

Americans love their Super Bowl parties and of those of us watching, 60.9 million will go to a party, 44 million plan to host one and bars and restaurants will be packed from sea to shining sea with another 13 million cheering/booing viewers.

Costs for home parties are going up because guest list are growing, they get bigger every year according to the survey. Inflation takes a bite too.

How to save on a Super Bowl party?

  • Co-host and split the costs.
  • Make it a potluck and ask everyone to bring their specialty.
  • B.Y.O.B. baby! Alcohol is expensive, and this way you don't have to stock a bar or worry about what brands of beer to buy.
  • Re-use what you have around the house. No need to buy more paper plates and cups, so what if they say Happy Birthday? The logo will be covered with chili anyway.

How much will you spend on Super Bowl Sunday partying? Comment on our Fan Page?

The most important part of any party is your guests safety, so get them home safely if they shouldn't be driving.

Go Pats!



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