Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in Maine this weekend for a little business and a little pleasure. Zuck and his wife Priscilla were here celebrating their wedding anniversary. As the story goes, they had to cut their original honeymoon short because of the Facebook IPO. So Zuck promised his wife he would take her on a honeymoon EVERY year to make up for it. Wise man!

From Mark's Facebook page:

"Some years we've gone to Japan or France. This year we're traveling around the US and we'll be spending our honeymoon in rural Maine. One lesson I've learned from marriage is that exploring together just gets better over time."



The couple did get a little business done and met with people from Millinocket. Way to hang with REAL Mainers, Zuck! Pretty cool for a man with a net worth of 61 BILLION dollars.

"Priscilla and I spent the day in Millinocket, Maine hiking on the Appalachian Trail around Mount Katahdin, and meeting local residents -- former mill workers, teachers, small business owners, a librarian, and a trucker."



Even cooler, Zuckerberg gave a nice shout out to the Bangor Police Department's infamous Duck of Justice:



The couple was seen in the Bangor area early in the weekend. Nice hat!

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