A 25-year family sausage shop in Lisbon is closing, unless someone is interested in taking over the business.

According to The Portland Press Herald, the owner of the very popular Maurice Bonneau's Sausage Kitchen in downtown Lisbon has decided to retire.

Opened in 1995, it moved to its present location on Main Street in 2008 when Andre Bonneau took over the business from his father.

The Sausage Kitchen specializes in handmade pork, lamb and turkey sausages as well as pork pies, cretons, beans and chili. Everything is made from premium ingredients, not scraps you might find elsewhere.

The customer base for the Sausage Kitchen is loyal. "Just want to thank you for all the delicious sausage over the years," said one of those loyal customers on Facebook. "There is no better product out there. You will be greatly missed."

As soon as the product that is on hand is sold, that's it. The doors will be closed, unless a prospective buyer would like to carry on the business and learn the ropes (or maybe links?) from Bonneau to keep the business going.

There's potential here for someone who is willing to but the Sausage Kitchen and many fans are hoping that the delicious homemade sausage keeps coming in Lisbon.

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