According to News Center Maine, the medical marijuana industry in Maine is even bigger than imagined.

If you combine the incomes from apples, blueberries, maple syrup, herring, elvers and oysters, medical marijuana alone makes more money for the state of Maine than all of those products combined, the news station reported.

Legal pot is big business, finally state regulators are giving it a tax category and realizing just how lucrative the industry is.

Last year alone Mainers spent over $111.6 million dollars on medical marijuana, according to News Center Maine. That huge number is only over eleven months time as the calculations didn't start until February.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Maine for twenty years and comes in third behind lobster and potatoes for the revenue it creates for the state, the news station reported. A caregiver tax will help legitimize the industry and allow caregivers to be up to date on their taxes, which they need to be in order to receive a license for recreational pot when they become available.

Recreational pot business licenses might be available as early as this spring, according to the Maine Office on Marijuana Policy.

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