Whatever you're doing today, however your day is going, whatever your mood is...you should stop right now and take a minute to see the newest member of the Greenland, NH Police Department. The pictures and heartwarming story of Willow, the Greenland, NH Police Department's newest member of the force, is sure to warm your heart.

Willow was one of over a hundred dogs and puppies that were seized during in a cruelty/neglect case in New Hampshire over the summer. She was actually born days after the seizure, and taken care of by Pope Memorial SPCA in Concord. Soon after, they donated Willow to the Greenland Police Department after hearing they were interested in employing a “comfort dog”. Use of comfort dogs by police departments have been spreading all over the country, as a way to bridge police officer/citizen relationships. Willow will certainly do great in that role! Check out the Facebook post with the full story below:


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