You know, when we talk about how you can listen live anywhere at and stream us on the WBLM app, we're often thinking about Blimpsters rocking with us locally through a Bluetooth speaker. We sometimes forget that there are people listening all over the planet!

It's kind of an overwhelming thought for us humble BLM DJs to ponder. That's probably why it doesn't cross our minds so much. Well the other day we were reminded that the world is listening when we received a fan email from the UK!

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It reads,

"Hi all at WBLM

My name is Simon Gauci and I live in the U.K.

My dad Peter lives up in Scarborough, Maine so I’ve been coming to the State and listening to WBLM whenever I come over, since 1986.

Now, with the advent of the Internet I’ve been able, on and off,  to listen to WBLM in the U.K. for a number of years now.

In 2012 my dad, myself and my buddy Michael, came down to the ‘BLM studios at One City Center and we were kindly treated to a tour.

I thought you may be interested to know, I’m proudly sporting a WBLM sticker in the window of my Van Halen stripe themed Fiat 500, over here in the U.K. and I recently bought an audio system for my car with Apple CarPlay, solely to have my favourite radio station on all the time!!

Thanks for keeping the rock classic and awesome!!"

Best regards

Simon Gauci

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Check out these sweet pix from Simon of his VH striped Fiat 500 that he cruises around on the wrong side of the road in with WBLM cranking up the Classic Rock. Keep an eye out for Aerosmith, Van Halen, and Patriots stickers along with the incredible EVH guitar stripes!

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As always, thanks for cruisin' with World Famous Rock & Roll Blimp!

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