Do you sometimes feel that we are all just little ants running around like crazy on the giant ant hill called Earth? Well if you do, then these amazing drone videos from Sky High Maine will confirm your existential crisis. These are time-lapse videos from some of Portland's busiest traffic spots.

Here's Morrill's Corner. Take a look and then you'll know why you are confused and frustrated whenever you drive through!


Here's I-295 in Portland. You can pretty much count on an accident happening in this area several times a week. And often the backup can go back to Falmouth!


Here's Franklin Street at Cumberland and Congress. And here's why you people in the boondocks never want to come into the big city. Good call!



It's not just the highways and byways of Portland that have wicked traffic. How about ANY Walmart parking lot? We're not sure which Wally World this is but does it matter? Happy Motoring!


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