The Mainely Tubs showroom at 415 Payne Rd. in Scarborough, is one of the most relaxing places to cruise through. We are spoiled here in Maine! It was time to spread the love. Mainely Tubs has opened a new, gorgeous showroom in Rye, New Hampshire and you will escape into a world of possibilities for your deck or backyard.

Bubbling hot tubs, swim spas and saunas surround you. If you want to climb into a tub and try it out, the staff will hook you up with a brand new bathing suit. That's right, climb in and feel the warm water, the muscle melting jets and luxurious bubbles!

This is a swim spa, it will provide you with the most amazing workout. Muscles stretch and reach as they are challenged at the same time by a strong current.

Sweet! They also sell canopies and the best covers for their hot tubs. This one spoke to me. That little bar is available too!

These attractive saunas are amazing for detoxifying your body and cleansing your pores. Mainely Tubs carries both the traditional hot rock and the latest infra-red.

If you love atmosphere, Mainely Tubs can set a romantic mood with cool lights and bluetooth speakers. Crank up that Barry White and enjoy the color changing bubbles!

I fell in love. This is the object of my affection...

It's big enough for my family and check out the price! I took a picture and sent it to Mark to prove to him that a dream is within reach. Mainely tubs also offers 90 months interest-free financing.

Visit the brand new Mainely Tubs location on U.S. Rt.1 in Rye, New Hampshire. Drag your hand through the warm waters of their filled tubs, take a dip if you want, learn about the magic of salt water tubs and spas, consider the health benefits of a sauna, discover the amazing work out of a swim spa. You will ooh and aah and see a world of delightful, relaxing possibilities at Mainely Tubs, 415 Payne Rd., Scarborough and now on U.S. Rt. 1 in rye, New Hampshire.