Funtown U.S.A. is showing Moms props this Mother's Day Weekend, May 11 and 12 by giving them a free day of fun! Yes, Moms get in free with a paying guest or season pass holder from 11 to 5p this Saturday and Sunday.

Wouldn't it be nice to hear your children scream gleefully as they experience their first ride on the bumper cars for the season, as opposed to kicking each other under the table at an overpriced brunch?

Kids, let Mommy ride the newly refurbished Astrosphere and relive her youth, eat a fried dough brushed with warm, melted butter and dusted with powdered sugar and then lose myself in the Funtown Gift Shop. It's all I want for Mother's Day! Please, DO NOT make me a "fancy" breakfast that I will need to clean up. Just brush your teeth without me asking and take me to Funtown.

Funtown/Splashtown USA is the place to be this summer, check out their calendar at their website for special events tto, like Autism Awareness Days, Community Week, Military Appreciation Week and Public Safety Appreciation Day.

I'll be throwing up my horns to "Fire On High" in the Astrosphere, see you there!


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