A year and a half ago we heard the news that Portland icon Pizza by Angelone would be closing its location on Washington Avenue. The building was later bought, renovated and is now ready to open as a specialty grocery store.

Monte's Fine Foods opens on Friday, July 12 and has a similar look to the Pizza by Angelone's store on the outside. Here's what the building looked like before.

Cardente Real Estate
Cardente Real Estate

And here's what it looks like now

In addition to typical grocery store staples like a deli, bakery and wine selection, Monte's Fine Food will also keep the tradition of serving pizza as well.

They'll be open six days a week for the summer and open seven days come September.

If you still crave some Angelone's though, all hope is not lost. The Main Street in Westbook Pizza by Angelone's is still open.

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