Holy crap dude! Easter has come gone and we're still frickin' freezin' ovah heah! It's starting to feel like Winter in Maine is permanent. And now, there's talk of snow coming today. To that we all say a collective "NO THANKS!"

It seems as though we forget every year is that we pretty much skip Spring in Maine. One day (hopefully soon) it'll suddenly be warm enough to grill, sit in a lawn chair and we'll call it Summah.

Anyhow, here's a look a what we're gonna get for snow today. It don't look too awful bad. But any snow at all just makes us even crazier for green grass and sunshine to return!

We're Mainers and we'll tough it out "Snow Sleet Rain...Whatevah"! Because if you can't survive the wintah you don't deserve the summah.

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