This just completely sickens me. I struggled when writing about this guy who decided to lay rubber with his motorcycle over the newly pained rainbow crosswalk in downtown Brunswick. I wanted a headline that accurately described my feelings about this, but I'm not allowed to use "Watch ---hole Show His True Colors in Brunswick."

The city of Brunswick Public Works Department painted the rainbow crosswalk on Wednesday in celebration of Pride Month, and just hours later this jerk, and I'm really holding back what I want to call him, decided he was going to lay rubber all over the freshly painted crosswalk.

The crosswalk is right in front of Moderation Brewing and they shared several videos taken outside the brewery of this jerk, with many of them confronting him. That's what I'll call him "The Jerk.


After "The Jerk" made a pass over the rainbow crosswalk leaving a short skid mark on it, he went around for another pass, because honestly, "The Jerk" isn't very good at laying down rubber.

A man says to him "That's permanent! It isn't going anywhere" and "The Jerk's" response is something like "That's going where I'm going." Maybe you can make it out better over "The Jerk's" loud bike.

After the second pass, "The Jerk" heads off south down Maine Street turn around and pops a wheelie showing off for the angry and very disappointed crowd.


Brunswick Police are looking for the public's help identifying "The Jerk" and another motorcyclist involved. I guarantee they'll find them and they'll likely get a fine for defacing public property or something similar.

If "The Jerk" is reading this, I have the same question everyone else does. "Why?" Why ruin a celebration that the people of the City of Brunswick are proud to have? How does the LGBTQ community affect you at all? How does a rainbow crosswalk interfere with your quality of life so much so that you feel the need to publicly deface it in broad daylight?

You don't have to accept the LGBTQ community, thought it would be nice if everyone did. Just go on with your life and let those that want to celebrate it do so, without feeling the need to send your message through vandalism. I really hope your fine is steep enough that you'll think twice about doing something like this again.

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