I've dealt with the frustration of Mommy Brain, when a mom, (sometimes 9 years after the birth of her child), is so distracted by motherhood that she can't think straight and makes silly, irritating mistakes. I thought it was all behind me, then Thanksgiving hit, and with it, a new affliction. The medical name is "Holiday Head".

Exhibit A is a delicious crockpot full of carefully washed veggies and seasoned turkey thighs. We didn't host this year, so our haul of turkey for sandwiches went way too fast. I changed out of my pajama pants and made my way to Hannaford to stock up on turkey thighs, which you can't always find. Next was the thick cut, multi grain bread that tastes so good toasted, red potatoes, sweet onions, green beans, sweet potato and carrots; Hellman's mayo and a can of jelly cranberry sauce rounded out the top of my cart. All of my Thanksgiving sandwich darlings were accounted for.

I couldn't wait to smell everything start bubbling! I have a specific way that I prefer to layer my crockpot and went about the task with a gleam in my eye knowing that my turkey sandwich was eminent.

It looked like this...

crockpot fail

Do you see what is wrong here?! That big, white thing next to the crockpot is the liner, that's what the food goes into and that goes into the crockpot metal thingy! AAArgh! I shook my fists at the heavens and was forced to take it all out and start over in the liner. God, I was so close to hitting High/6 hours that I could almost taste the mayo and cranberry sauce...so I fixed it.


It was 10:47 p.m. by the time I had my sandwich made, but man it was good.


This is not the only evidence of my affliction unfortunately.

Other symptoms:

  • I gave my husband the last three numbers of my Social Security number three times while trying to set up online payment for something. I only gave it correctly when I finally said the whole thing out loud.
  • I ordered the same two lamps twice in the same week, now I have to return two lamps.
  • I packed up a present to mail out but forgot to put the card in the mailing envelope before sealing it.

These are all classic symptoms of Holiday Head. Please help those of us struggling with it this holiday season by offering to do math for us, make important decisions on our behalf and stoke the fire or attend the stove until the season has passed and we are no longer a threat to ourselves or others.

Are you suffering from Holiday Head? You aren't alone. Please reach out on our Fan Page.

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