With sports happening for some, there is one major thing missing - fans! But, they have a chance to watch live stream.


MTA Sports Boosters YouTube
MTA Sports Boosters YouTube

But for Mt. Ararat, they need 1000 subscribers to the YouTube channel so that they can live stream their sports. Right now they can only record them and put them up on YouTube after. Now, here's the thing. They actually DID get 1,000 subscribers - but it was the wrong link. Oopsy. They helped out someone else! Aarrghh!

I know that we could help these guys out. Because not being able to see your kid play sports kinda sucks - so watching them live stream is the closest we are going to get to being there!

We were able to watch the live stream of a field hockey game recently. It was pretty cool and exciting and yelling at the ref doesn't get you kicked out of your own home!

Help out parents so they can watch their kids at Mount Ararat. Subscribe to their YouTube channel and if they can get to 1000 they can stream it live!



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