Update: According to Ziarul De Iasi, Goodbye to Gravity guitarists Vlad Telea and Mihai Alexandru were among the 27 people killed in the nightclub fire. Lead singer Andrei Galut is reportedly in serious condition with burns on 45 percent of his body and injuries from smoke inhalation. Bassist Alex Pascu was also reportedly taken to a hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

Delia Tugui, one of the show attendees and survivors, said in an online posting that club goers and the band were surprised by the fire and how quickly it spread. "The lead singer made a quick joke: 'This wasn't part of the program.' The next second, he realized it wasn't a joke and asked for a fire extinguisher," she wrote on her Facebook page. "In 30 seconds...the fire spread all over the ceiling. People rushed to the entrance but it was too narrow, and people panicked. Behind me people stampeded, climbing over each other, to try and get out."

According to the BBC, on Saturday, 140 people were reportedly still being treated. Romania has declared three days of national mourning as a result of the nightclub fire.

Horrific news coming out of Bucharest, Romania, where a nightclub fire has killed at least 27 people during a performance by local metal band Goodbye to Gravity.

According to Fox News, in addition to the multiple fatalities more than 180 people have been injured. The fiery explosion is believed to have happened when a spark onstage ignited some polystyrene decor during the set by Goodbye to Gravity, who were celebrating the release of their new album. According to CNN. there were pyrotechnics being used during the performance at the Colectiv nightclub.

"People were fainting, they were fainting from the smoke," described a witness to Romania's Antenna 3 TV. "It was total chaos, people were trampling on each other. It was a tragedy that could have been avoided if there had been more organization from the emergency services."

Apparently, many people were seen with severe burns and some were being resuscitated outside the venue. More than 60 ambulances and fire engines showed up at the scene.

Upon early reports, the incident is reminiscent of the tragic fire at Rhode Island's Station night club in 2003, where 100 people were killed during a show by Great White.

This is a developing story which we'll update as more facts are released. Our deepest sympathies go out to all the victims and their families.

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