I'll admit it, I like to watch T.V.. I'm  not going to give you some line about watching only documentaries or programs about the environment or political issues. I straight up go for the real junk. Real Housewives bad, I'm not proud.

During my recuperation from ankle surgery my television remote literally fell apart and was held together by scotch tape. The plastic piece on the back that keeps the batteries in had finally disappeared after months of us having to smack the remote in order for the batteries to make proper contact and do their thing. Sheesh! We would have to press buttons and turn the remote every which way hoping to find the sweet spot that would change the channel, adjust the volume or even just turn the T.V. on or off. After being home alone for a few weeks, I was falling into a funk.

Not having access to HGTV in a meaningful way was the last straw! I dialed our new cable company, Spectrum. And you know what the lady in customer service said when I told her about my woes?! About my ankle, the surgery, not being able to fast forward or rewind, batteries rolling across the floor. The lady at the other end said, "I'm so sorry, let me mail one out to you right now since you can't drive. It will be there day after tomorrow. Can I help you with anything else?" I almost asked her to do my taxes! Not only do I have a kick ass remote that is updated and does everything that it should, but that lady was so kind to me on a crappy day. It may seem small but it could've gone the other way. I was kind of expecting it to. I just wanted to take this opportunity to rant about a positive experience.

Now I have to go watch Part Two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion.

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