This Sunday I was still recovering from the sunburn that I got the Sunday before, so I decided to skip the beach and check out the Southern Maine Indoor Flea Market on Rt.1 in Scarborough. Like all shopping, it can be a little hit or miss. I think my success is determined by how much hunting I am willing to do. I picked up this 1990 Rolling Stone magazine and a very cool David Bowie coloring book for my friend, Aimsel.

Then I found this slightly beat up, but still cunning coffee cup. It didn't make the cut and join the purchases in my basket, but it was worth taking a picture of.

coffee cup

I experience a lot of, "Oh, wow!" moments at flea markets. These vintage folding alarm clocks provided one of them. When I was a kid, before the days of wake up calls and phone alarms, it seemed like all of the grown ups had one. I loved how cute and transformative they were and always wanted one of my own.

travel alarm clocks

I have no idea what I would do with a bowl of old baseball gloves, but I was hit with nostalgia when I saw them. I remember my brothers breaking in their gloves and the funky wet leather smell. I wonder who these belonged to and how old they are. They looked well-loved.

baseball gloves

Of course, I also witnessed the obsolete. There were plenty of VHS tapes and board games. I realize that there are some of these that kids still play, but not many. Who has the time to go through all of these used games to make sure the pieces are all accounted for? Not me! I'll just download another game to the iPad.

board games

I can't resist a 50% off sale! I'm into assemblage art, and these children's shoe forms will be a great base for something special. I'll keep you posted on their progress! As for old pictures of complete strangers, they are great to use for image transfers.

craft finds

For Eagle Scouts and Fifty Shades of Grey fans, I found this Mac Daddy knot display. It should be hanging in someone's boat house, or red room...


Finally, the crowning jewel of my picking excursion! A seemingly new Rage Against the Machine t-shirt for my sister, Danielle!

t shirt

If the weather is decent this Sunday, I plan to drive up the coast to the Montsweag Flea Market. I'll probably hit up the Cascade Flea Market on Rt.1 in Scarborough on my way.

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I miss Cliff's so much.


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