It's practically a lost art. You take out an album (or a CD or a tape or whatever) and put it on and enjoy it from start-to-finish with no interruptions. Seems like nobody's really doing that anymore...

(Courtesy of Columbia Records)
(Courtesy of Columbia Records)

I don't get the rewards of simply cherry-picking some tunes you like and streaming them at your leisure. Where's the pay-off? It's like having the "coming attractions trailers" take the place of actually watching the whole darn movie.

When you look at what you've really been listening to, it sometimes reveals a lot about what's on your mind, too. So when was the last time you really wanted or needed to hear an album all the way through? What were they?

For me, they were "The Speed Of Now Part 1" by Keith Urban, "Ram" by Paul McCartney and "Born To Run" by Bruce Springsteen.

The latest record from Keith Urban (stop rolling your eyes) sounds like the best thing Lindsey Buckingham has made in years: devastatingly slick tunes with guitar solo's as crisp and tasty as any you'd hear on a classic Cars single. This is not a country record.

"Born To Run" is bona-fide, we all know that. The ride that starts with "Thunder Road" and ends with "Jungleland" still packs a cinemascope-like whallop. It's been written that the first album you buy from a particular artist tends to end up becoming your favorite album of theirs, no matter what else they release. That's certainly the case here.

McCartney's "Ram" album holds up nicely. Is it better than the "Imagine" and "All Things Must Pass" albums by John and George? Not according to critics' lists, but it's the one post-Beatles record I still listen to the most.

Until next time, turn 'em up and don't wear headphones!


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