Portland’s very own award-winning Allagash Brewing Company has teamed up with a Black-owned brewery in California for an epic project that you will want to be a part of.

What role do you play? Just drinking beer!

The partnered breweries have paired two of their popular beers for the ultimate tasting experience all while supporting an incredible initiative.

I have lots to go over with you so let’s break this down.

Allagash Brew Co. Teams up With Crowns & Hops, Releasing New Product Soon

Before I tell you about the actual beer itself, let’s chat about the purpose behind the product.

Allagash here in Maine and Crowns & Hops in California have created a new beer together, combining Allagah’s award-winning golden ale Curieux with Crowns & Hops’ 8-Trills pilsner to create Cur-8.

The collaborated beer will be released in February, brewed to drive awareness to the benefit of racial equality and eliminating societal disparities.

As shared in a press release by Allagash, proceeds from sales of Cur-8 will go to the 8 Trill Initiative, a “development fund dedicated to generating opportunities for Black-owned craft beer brands.”

The purpose behind this launch is to advance racial equity in the craft beer space, which is important across the country but especially so in a state like Maine where craft beer dominates the scene.

So ultimately, you get to drink a brand new beer from top-rated breweries while supporting one hell of a cause.

Now, let’s talk about beer.

Sneak Peek Review: Cur-8 by Allagash and Crown & Hops Breweries

I am delighted to have gotten a sample of Cur-8 to be able to share with you all the taste profiles of the beer and get you excited and ready for its limited release in February.

Now, bear with me here because I am no professional beer reviewer but I could be a professional beer drinker. My duty here is to let you know my thoughts before you go try it yourself.

Right off the bat, the first refreshing sip lets you know this is one crushable beer. Whether you’re a slow drinker or you like to pound your brews, this is an easy one to get down.

Townsquare Media

Your mouth is full with flavor but with a low hop profile for a robust yet smooth sipping experience.

The attractive clear, light golden yellow color reminds you of your favorite pilsner but with a more flavorful and enjoyable taste. The collaborated beer pairs the crisp flavor of Crown & Hops’ 8 Trill Pils with Allagash’s Curieux's notes of bourbon, vanilla, and oak.

For bourbon drinkers, you’ll notice the slight yet distinctive nose of a well-crafted bourbon and subtle yet familiar flavors of vanilla and oak with a crisp, dry finish.

In a simple summary, it is light, delicious, smooth, and doesn’t hit you with the harsh hops that sometimes turns people off from beer.

It’s an easy and yummy beer that supports an incredible cause.

Cur-8 (6.5% ABV) will hit the shelves and be available for all your tasting needs at Allagash’s Portland Tasting Room at the start of Black History Month in February and will also be available in 4-packs of 16 ounce cans in California, New York, and Georgia.

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