Growing up in the 70s meant that Saturday mornings were spent eating a mixing bowl full of Lucky Charms right down to the last couple soggy yellow moons and green clovers. All mindlessly being shoveled in while watching Bugs Bunny and Pink Panther.

And of course they were also the live-action kid shows. A 1975ish one that always sticks out for me is the series where Billy Batson magically turned into superhero Captain Marvel just by saying the word, "Shazam!" So that's how I remember this superhero. Am I the only one?

Now a the Captain Marvel character is in the Marvel universe and we're seeing movie trailers that reveal Captain Marvel is a woman.

 According to great article today from Bangor Daily News, not just any woman...a woman with ties to Maine!  Learning that Marvel's latest movie superhero summered in Harpswell as a kid is wicked cool!

Wonder if she says, "Shazam!" Probably not. I hear there's a DC Shazam movie coming out next month. So who do you consider the real Captain Marvel? I'm sure I'll go see both.

The movie comes out this weekend and locals in the Harpswell area are celebrating. The Orrs/Bailey Islands Volunteer Fire Department is auctioning off a copy of the origin story comic book autographed by the writer, Margaret Stohl at Regal 10 Cinema in Brunswick.


Now we have two superheroes with Maine roots. We learned last Christmas that DC character Aquaman's human father was a lighthouse keeper from here. Say it again, Wicked Cool!


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