In true JE11 style, it did not take Julian Edelman very long to run full speed into another career.

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots
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I can't wait to see how the chemistry will be with 'The Squirrel' entering the mix.

In addition to his unique personality, he'll be the only one on the panel with a unique perspective on special teams play.

But this deal that Edelman signed with CBSViacom means that he'll be much more than a panelist on a weekly talk show. The three time Super Bowl Champ and former Super Bowl MVP is just scratching at the surface of his media future.

According to, Julian's production company, Coast Productions, will film movies and documentaries as well as specials that encompass larger dynamics than just the sports world.

I've always enjoyed his peculiar sense of humor and intense personality and I think that it will translate well to the realm of informative entertainment.

He's not afraid of uncomfortable subjects and I have a feeling that the work he is about to embark on will make quite an impact on sports media in the years to come.


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