It's tourist season here in New England and for your visiting ease, let us help you with the town names that are mis-pronounced in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts so you don't sound like .... well, a Tourist.

New Hampshire - Milan - You would think it's pronounced like the Italian City, but no.  It's MY-lun

Maine - Seboies Plantation - Pronounced Seh-BOW-iss Plantation.  I figure you don't need help with the second part of the town and no one says Seboies Plantation.  Everyone just says, Seboies.

Massachusetts - Worcester - This one is difficult to spell, even phonetically.  WISS-ster.  Even that's not exactly right.  The first part, WISS, has a "U" sound in it, but at least the locals will know what town you're talking about and give you points for trying.  You can also try, WUSS-ster, but if you say something like, "WOR-Sess-ter" chances are, we'll at least give you the stink eye for half a second....

There are many other funny pronunciations of Massachusetts towns on this YouTube video:

Good luck during your stay here in New England!


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