What?! Twister wasn't already in the Toy Hall of Fame?! That would be like Deep Purple not being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!...oh, right... We almost never knew the awkward intimacy of Twister, because the game was deemed too racy for the Sears Roebuck 1966 catalogue, so Milton Bradley was going to bag it. BUT! Johnny Carson was scheduled to feature it on "The Tonight Show". The country immediately fell in love with it after Johnny played a game with Eva Gabor! The polka dot plastic mats went flying out of stores and more than 3 million games were sold in 1967! Since then, Twister has become wildly popular at colleges, and if you hit up YouTube you will see many "Twister Challenges"! We found the game this summer while staying at a friend's camp, but couldn't remember all the rules. Here's a refresher.

Next up! The Super Soaker! A crazy smart nuclear engineer came up with this high-powered water blaster while he was designing a heat pump for NASA! The first one was made out of PVC pipe and a plastic soda bottle. They began production in 1990 and have been meting out justice in families ever since. You KNOW if you stole the TV remote from your brother that you would be the victim of a Super-Soaking when you least expected it. Preferably while on the toilet. At least that's what I hear...

Next, a true classic, the hand puppet. No exclamation points for this one. Other than Daniel Tiger, I always thought these were a real snooz. Here is Lady Aberlin letting him know that it's OK to be different than other tigers. Nice Watch, Daniel!

The puppet is actually one of the oldest toys, it's been around for thousands of years. According to experts, playing with puppets helps kids stretch their imaginations by coming up with voices and story lines. It is also great for coordination and manual dexterity.

Among those who got beat: American Girl Dolls, PLAYMOBILE, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the coloring book and Battleship.

My old fave, The Easy-Bake oven made it in last year.


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