When Santa was out dispatching gifts around the world, one local couple was busy with their own arrival.

Christmas can be special for many different reasons. Traditionally, it's been a perfect time for couples to announce an engagement. Also, Christmas destination vacations are a big thing.

However, it's going to be tough for anyone in New Hampshire to top the story which broke in the early hours of this Christmas morning.

According to their Facebook page, New Hampshire State Police Sgt. Vincent Grieco and Trooper Ryan St. Cyr, with Boscawen police officer Ryan Nolan, helped a woman deliver a baby boy on Interstate 93 in Boscawen, a few miles outside of Concord.

You can see in the photo, baby Dominic arrived into the world safe and sound. Both parents are resting comfortably, and had the chance to ring in the extra special day together.

Facebook commentators got in on the feel-good, with one stating "Wow...a Christmas baby born while mom was traveling, delivered by three wise men....where have I heard this story before??

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