Even though Memorial Day Weekend is (ideally) a time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom and ability to have a 3-day weekend in the first place, it's just so fitting that this all went down during Memorial Day Weekend. Because while Robert Cass was fortunate enough to not lose his life fighting for our freedom, according to WMUR, he still served 22 years in the United States Marine Corps and went through two combat tours in Vietnam.

According to what his kids told WMUR, Robert has spent pretty much his entire life fixing up used trucks to drive without ever knowing the feeling of owning a brand new one. That's why for his 80th birthday, his nine children (yes, NINE) were ecstatic to be able to give him something he's never had -- a fully loaded, BRAND NEW Toyota Tacoma.

WMUR via YouTube
WMUR via YouTube

How amazing is it when you're finally in the position in your life to be able to turn around and do something like this for a parent, assuming you have that type of relationship with them? Pay them back for all they did for you with something that genuinely means something (and it doesn't necessarily have to be something materialistic.)

That's exactly how it felt for Robert's nine kids, though, who told WMUR that they wanted to show appreciation for all he did and all he sacrificed earlier on in their life. Unfortunately, at the birth of his final child, while Robert gained a ninth, he lost his wife during the birth, leaving him a single father. It's something they've wanted to do as a way to say "thank you" and also acknowledge that they understood all he did and sacrificed to make sure they were all as safe as possible and given every opportunity possible.

The kids worked with Ira Toyota in Manchester, New Hampshire, to find and select the best truck for Robert, including some of the customization (like having "The Best Dad") put on the rear side panels. The nine of them not only paid for the truck, but also the insurance and tossed in gas cards as well. No doubt Robert had the happiest of 80th birthdays. Simply amazing.

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