Have you ever lost a sentimental item that you wish you could get back; a ring, yearbook, necklace, or diamond? And once it's gone, you know you will likely never see it again?

Well, this is not one of those stories.

Marilyn Dakos was 18 years old when she graduated from Manchester Central High School in New Hampshire. She was also a senior in high school when she lost her class ring.

The year was 1968. Marilyn recalls the specific night she lost the ring.

"I remember the night distinctly, like it was yesterday," said Marilyn in a NECN article."It was new. My parents had bought me my ring as a graduation present...my boyfriend at the time and I went parking. Those days you went parking, I don't know what young people do today. But anyway, I showed my boyfriend."

From there, her boyfriend got out of the car to use the bathroom. That was when Marilyn realized she had lost her ring.

"So we get out of the car, we go where we think he was, and we're searching all over the place. We don't find the ring. I went back the next day searched again and no ring. That's the last time I saw the ring," said Marilyn to NECN.

She had accepted her fate until this year, 55 years later.

Marilyn received a call from her cousin, who had happened upon a message online from a Manchester man named Norm Brown.

The message was a call out on Facebook that included details of an old class ring with initials on the inside that he had found while metal detecting.

Ironically, Brown only picked up metal detecting as a hobby three years ago after he got a coupon in the mail for a company that was selling metal detectors. Everything happens for a reason.

After 55 years, Marilyn was reunited with her original class ring.

She moved down to Florida, but was in New Hampshire over the summer where she was able to collect what was once hers 55 years ago.

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