There are countless places for tourists to visit in both New Hampshire and New England as a whole.

Are you an avid hiker, camper, skier, or general outdoorsman (or woman)? You can pay a visit to the White Mountains. Are you a fan of history who enjoys learning about the past? This writer recommends visiting Portsmouth and experiencing all that the small coastal city has to offer. How about the beach? Whether your goal is sunning, surfing, or strolling down the boardwalk, we've got it all. We could go on and on about the things to do in the Granite State and surrounding areas.

A website called ALOT Travel recently published this list of the best tourist attractions in each state, including New Hampshire. The site doesn't explain how they came to these conclusions, but ensures that these places are the best of the best, and "will definitely give you the best value for your vacation dollars."

After looking at the destination picked to represent New Hampshire, this writer's left with more questions than answers.


According to ALOT Travel, the Mount Washington Auto Road is the best tourist attraction in the state. The road travels over 6,000 feet up Mount Washington, and those who reach the top not only get access to gorgeous views, but lifelong bragging rights. Of course, if you don't want to put your vehicle through the difficult ascent, guided van tours are also available.

Here's why yours truly's a bit perplexed by this verdict. It's totally understandable why folks get a kick out of placing a snazzy "This Car Climbed Mount Washington" sticker on their vehicle. It's a point of pride, and rightfully so. However, countless other destinations and activities in New Hampshire are arguably more popular. If we're talking about roads alone, the Kancamagus Highway comes up more frequently in conversation, especially around the fall months.

What do you think? Is the Mount Washington Auto Road the best tourist attraction in New Hampshire, or does another place or activity deserve the title?

Speaking of tourist attractions, Attractions of America also gave their take on the best ones in New Hampshire. Let's have a look at what they are.

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