When the sun sets later and the sweatshirts don't need to be worn past 7pm, you know it's officially ice cream season in Maine. The great part about Vacationland is you generally don't need to travel far to find an ice cream shop. But you could. And you may want to check out a new ice cream shop set to open the town of Hallowell in May because it appears they plan to serve some seriously mouth-watering concoctions that could absolutely be worth the road trip.

They're called The Local Scoop and they plan to open on May 7th at 176 Water Street in Hallowell. They've been teasing some of the different speciality cones they plan on offering on Facebook recently as they lead up to their grand opening and let's just say, the teasing is working.

Apparently The Local Scoop wants to cover all the bases when it comes to specialty concoctions people enjoy. Love cereal? How about a waffle cone filled your favorite flavor and topped with Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles and who knows what else. Is peanut butter more you thing? Take a look at their peanut butter lovers cone, topped with peanut butter cups, peanuts and chocolate shell.

The Local Scoop is also going to take advantage of operating in Maine by offering up seasonal treats. Check out this absolutely ludicrous Maine Maple Sundae, a cone filled with maple walnut ice cream and topped with pecans, hazelnuts, maple-sugared walnuts and smothered in Maine maple syrup.


Ok, we submit, you win.

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