Monopoly, the iconic board game that we all know and love has officially launched a new edition all dedicated to the cities of the Androscoggin, Lewiston/Auburn.

When I was younger, my child hood friend Shannon Doucette and I would spend hours playing Monopoly in her living room. We used to collect all of the special editions. We were total Monopoly nerds. So the moment I saw the Lewiston/Auburn-OPOLY online, I just about had a heart attack.

Get ready to roll the dice to collect properties like Thorns Craig Bird Sanctuary and Bates College because Monopoly has gone local!

Monopoly was invented by a girl named Lizzie, go figure in 1903, according to Wikipedia. Then the better-known Hasbro company had ownership in 1991.

This special edition surprised a lot of people, thus why a photo was taken in the first place by Steph Eldridge a resident of Lewiston. She saw the game at the Wal Mart in Auburn and posted the photo in the popular Facebook Group, Lewiston Rocks.

Steph Eldridge via Facebook
Steph Eldridge via Facebook

The comments comprised a wide range of opinions, encompassing the good, bad, funny, and ugly. However, this diversity of opinions goes to show why freedom of speech is thing, right?

I totally align with Steph's perspective and find it awesome to highlight the cities we hold dear!

I am unsure when the Androscoggin Monopoly actually began but I do know that I am totally into it.

To personalize such a globally epic game and highlight landmarks and local culture is something we'll all have for a long time.

We can say to our grandkids, remember when they made a Monopoly game for LA? It's good to tally up all the positive things that happen to our cities because then it shadows the bad!

So get ready to roll the dice, collect properties, and build your empire in this new Monopoly edition that pays tribute to the cities of Lewiston and Auburn in Maine!

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