Tom Ruff likes bicycles and beer. However, as Tom has gotten older, his body isn't a fan of gluten. That's why he is combining his two loves into one by creating Orange Bike Brewing Co. in Portland, Maine's first brewery to produce only gluten-free beer.

In an interview back in June with Maine Biz, Tom says that at his age, his body no longer tolerates gluten, an affliction that he says 44 million undiagnosed Americans suffer from. Tom is ready to address that affliction by producing gluten-free beer for those who are gluten intolerant. Not just one type of beer, but all the beer that his Orange Bike Brewing Co. will produce.

The mission statement on the Orange Brewing Co. website says:

Orange Bike is on a quest to produce world-class beer, that is also proudly gluten-free, and to create a mission-oriented business focused on the triple bottom line — social, environmental, and financial good.

The brewery is currently under construction at 31 Diamond Street in the Bayside area of Portland, right between Rockingham Electrical Supply and Coffee by Design.

Courtesy Michele Mullen
Courtesy Michele Mullen

So the question remains, where did the name Orange Bike come from?  In his interview with Maine Biz, Tom says that he bought an orange-colored e-bike during the pandemic and rode with his young daughter in a bike seat for a year as the two of them spent quality time exploring streets and parks in Maine. He named the brewery in her honor.

The brewery was originally estimated to open in September, but construction is still underway. However, it doesn't look like it will be much longer before you'll be able to pick up some Orange Bike Brewing beer at a store near you.

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated Orange Bike Brewing Co will be Maine's first gluten-free beer company. Lucky Piegeon Brewing in Biddeford was the first gluten-free brewery in Maine.

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