I remember thinking to myself while shoveling in that powerful December snowstorm. We don't just live in Maine. We survive Maine. The unforgiving weather that we often experience is just one of the many factors that make us tougher than most.

Soon there will be a TV show putting some of our gritty neighbors in challenging situations while facing the elements of the woods in our Pine Tree State.

The upcoming series is called Surviving Maine. It is inspired by the long-running CBS hit, Survivor.

Like the real Survivor, the participants will be separated into two tribes. The Surviving Maine tribes are named Skidder and Lombard.

Here's a quick sneak-peek of what to expect.

According to the Surviving Maine Facebook Page, episodes filmed pre-Covid in 2019 will be airing Wednesdays starting next month. The first one premieres on February 10.

You can watch the promo below and see who'll be battling to be the last hearty Mainer standing.

We really hope Surviving Maine is a success and wish everyone involved, all the best.

If production of the show comes back after Covid, maybe they can kick it up even further with some Maine winter battles?

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