When I first read this story from News Center Maine my blood pressure shot up, and I was in total disbelief.

The very first person in New Hampshire to test positive for Coronavirus is an employee of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire. This person works at a hospital and one would assume is aware of information associated with the virus.

According to the news station, they were asked to isolate themselves to prevent spreading the coronavirus but the person went to a social event with between 175 and 200 people in attendance, plus 7 staff members.

This is where I try not to curse the person out for being completely selfish. Seriously? Was the FOMO so real that it was worth exposing a room full of people to a potential health hazard that you are totally aware of?

You have no idea who has a compromised immune system or what the result will be for those around you because you got bored at home and blew off what the doctors told you to do.

The event was an invite-only social gathering for the Tuck School of Business and it was held across the river from New Hampshire in Vermont at White River Junction's Engine Room, according to News Center Maine. The event space had to be professionally disinfected and the other attendees have been asked to isolate for 14 days to prevent further contact.

Let's hope they do better than Patient One.

There is now a Patient Two in New Hampshire thanks to Patient One, the news station reported. Someone that had close contact with One is also presumed infected with the Coronavirus. It's a man and details on their contact is not being released, News Center Maine added.

Officials continue to investigate and expect more cases to be found. The hospital that Patient One works at says that no known patients were exposed and that they have identified staff that had contact with him or her or them.

What would you have done if you were Patient One, honored isolation or gone on with your life possibly infecting others?

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