A man who was staying at the Inn Town Motel in Norway had some guests with him in his room which he didn't notify the manager about. Those guests just happened to be over 50, large, hairy spiders. Brace yourself, because this is some people's worst nightmare.

According to the Sun Journal, Inn Town Motel owner Andrew Combs went to the room of one his guests to collect payment. He found cases of spiders stacked on shelves inside and called police.

The spiders were confiscated and brought to Drew Desjardins who owns Mr. Drew and His Animals Too, an educational outreach program and rescue for exotic animals in Lewiston.

Sean Schoomaker was cited by Maine Game Wardens for possessing three tarantulas, which is illegal in Maine. He also had about 50 other big, hairy spiders.

If you look very closely, you'll see one of them in this photo on the Sun Journal's Facebook page that kind of looks like it's in a Tupperware container. It's a sight that may make you never store anything in Tupperware again.

When Desjardins was asked on Facebook where he thinks Schoomaker got all these spiders from, he guessed they might have come from New Hampshire or Schoomaker bought them online.

Wait. What? You can buy tarantulas online!?! Really?

Let me Google that.

Yeah. I guess you can. Wow! I wouldn't want to be that delivery driver!


The worst part about this story...well second worst part next to 53 spiders in a motel room, is that the owner just recently bought the Inn Town Motel and has been renovating it to make it a more attractive place for those visiting the Oxford Hills area to stay. I feel bad that he and his wife had to deal with the nightmare this guy brought into his establishment.

Put your blowtorches down everyone. These spiders really are harmless creatures and don't pose any serious threats to humans. They are now gone from the Inn Town Motel and taken to a place where they will be cared for properly.

As for Sean Schoomaker, spider lover, we'll have to wait and see what happens to him.

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