A couple in Standish was shocked when a threatening note was found on the windshield of their car after shopping at the Standish Hannaford Supermarket Sunday afternoon.

After seeing the offensive note on social media, I spoke with the woman who posted it and she asked that we not use the couple's names. Her husband is Hispanic and found this note on his windshield. We have censored the offensive language and racial slur.

Used With Permission
Photo Used With Permission

"I grew up in this area and am appalled to see how hateful people here can be," the woman told me. I asked her if she had contacted the police and at the time of our conversation Sunday, she had not.

There's no doubt that the political climate lately has gotten people very passionate and sometimes angry over everything happening in the world, but I think we can all agree that this is just uncalled for.

The woman did have a message for whoever left the note on the windshield in her post along with the photo. "My husband may be Hispanic but he’s an amazing man and if race is the worst thing you think someone can be than YOU are the problem."


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