I don't think that it's a coincidence that this is the week most people will abandon their New Year resolution and hit the chips instead of the gym. With the Super Bowl happening on Sunday, there is some serious menu planning going on, and I'm not talking about green salads, I'm talking hot taco dip!

Snacks and booze add up!

  • We splurge on beer alright, and not the cheap stuff either. Out of the $1.2 BILLION dollars we spend on beer, most of it is craft beer. "Budget" beer accounts for only one-sixth of that colossal spending.
  • Tortilla chips are edged out in popularity by potato chips, but not by much. We spend $500 million on Super Bowl chips and another $52 mill. on dips.
  • Chicken wings are one of my faves and apparently many agree. We drop $82 million dollars on chicken wings for one game.
  •  Meat snacks are wicked popular. Meatballs, steak sandwiches, hot dogs and pork rinds make up a large part of the game day menu. Don't forget to floss!
  • When it comes to big spending, Super Bowl day isn't just about drinking beer. We spend $1.1 BILLION on wine and liquor. Our spending shakes down to $594 million on wine and another $503 million on the hard stuff.
  • At the bottom of the list we spend $13 million  on veggie trays and $13 million on cheese snacks.
  • Who has the bigger party budget? A study found that Patriot fans in Boston will spend about 5% more on their Super Bowl parties than Falcon fans in Atlanta!

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