We all know about One-Hit Wonders ("Macarena", "Come On Eileen", etc.), but howzabout One-Album Wonders?

Some artists have given us their hearts and souls to make that one (and only) totally perfect LP and then -- * POOF! * -- they're never heard from again. Here are five of the very best of the best...

David + David, "Boomtown" (1986) - David Baerwald and David Ricketts would go on to write for Sheryl Crow and Toni Childs, but for this 5-star one-off masterwork they wrote, played and sang everything. Musically slick and diverse; lyrically, every song is like a mini-movie with characters and storylines out of a Tarentino flick. Must listen to: "Swallowed By The Cracks", "Swimming In The Ocean".

Derek & The Dominoes, "Layla (And Other Assorted Love Songs)" (1970) - Its reputation is beyond well-deserved, though to get there Clapton & Co. had to fight through big-time substance abuse and actual schizophrenia, which also led to no attempted follow-up. Just as well. Must listen to: "Keep On Growing", "Tell the Truth".

Sex Pistols, "Never Mind The Bollocks" (1977) - Like lightning in a bottle, this brilliantly captured chaos and anger in equal amounts, inspiring an entire country's youth to tear up the rulebook. Its influence was deeper and wider than its sales, while Axl Rose, Neil Young and countless others chewed up the controversy and barfed it right back at us. Must listen to: "Pretty Vacant", "God Save The Queen".

Blind Faith, "Blind Faith" (1969) - Eric Clapton may very well be the ultimate supergroup stalwart and finding the space that married the intensity of Cream with the pastoral reflections of Traffic (thank you Steve Winwood) was no easy feat, but here it is. We all knew when this first came out it was weirdly doomed to be a one-time-only record, but that only made us appreciate it even more for what it simply is, a beautiful stitch in time. Must listen to: "Had To Cry Today", "Well All Right".

Rockpile, "Seconds Of Pleasure" (1980) - The Nick Lowe-Dave Edmunds outfit backed each other up on some earlier solo albums, but they only made this one LP as a separate group project. A seamless mix of American rockabilly and British power pop, plus a Ramones-like obsession in getting to the point, made this one of the most fun-filled records of the last forty years. Must listen to: "Teacher, Teacher", "When I Write The Book".

Got a fave One-Album Wonder that we need to add to the list? We're waiting...

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