We are one high tide down with this massive Noreaster. With TWO more to worry about. Check out these pictures from the storm from the first part of Friday


The Clambake in Scarborough


According to the great Charlie Lopresti, today's High Tide puts it in the Top 12!


Still two more wicked High Tides to keep an eye on. Including tomorrow morning!

-Friday 11:38PM 10.5'
-Saturday 11:58 AM 11.0'


Part of Marginal Way under water today.


A warning from the Portland Police:



When the Marsh is on the Route 1, it's never a good thing.


A shot from Wells.



WOW, Look at Hampton Beach!


And we hear Boston is a mess as well.


We are keeping our fingers crossed for this house in Saco. Part of it has come away.



The winds have been whipping. 30 and 40 mph gusts. Do you see your town here?





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