One of my go-to stores is closing, and I'm really bummed. Family Dollar in Millcreek will be closing on June 2nd. Joe, a long time employee and all around cool guy, gave me the low-down. The entire 323 store chain was bought out by Dollar General. Some Family Dollar stores may be re-bannered, but not mine because a Dollar General will be going in at Cash Corner. This store has become especially important to me since we have started our family.

Here are some things that I will miss:

Pet supplies! Taking care of my elderly dogs was easier because I could buy my Arm & Hammer Pet Control Carpet Freshener at Family Dollar, along with all of my cleaning supplies, for so much less than at the grocery store. I didn't allow dogs on the couch until last year when our Samoyed, Shayla, seemed to need constant comforting. Family Dollar's $20.00 couch covers have saved our couch, we rotate 5 of them through the week. You know you are company at our house if the couch isn't covered!

couch covers

After the dogs, came babies. Babies are expensive, but you can get all of the basics at a really great price at Family Dollar. I bought everything from swaddling blankets to pajamas and bathing suits for the kids. For folks in the area that don't have transportation, it was a close walk to affordable necessities, from diapers to food.

kids clothes

Now that the kids are in school, we are in constant need of construction paper, markers, poster board and safety scissors. I'm going to miss these low prices and the convenience of having last minute class project supplies so close by!

school supplies

Another reason that I'll miss my Family Dollar store is kids birthday parties! I've put together some pretty fun birthday bags with coloring books, toys, nail polish and goofy sunglasses. There is always a seasonal display with something to bring when visiting with friends. Hula-hoops are always a hit upta' camp!


Easter baskets for five dollars?! I couldn't put one together myself for less than that!

Easter basket

Get to your local Family Dollar and stock up before they close! I would also like to recognize their wonderful employees who are always kind and very often engaging with neighbors on a personal level. We will miss you as much as the reasonable prices.

I get attached to my stores, it still stings to think about when Zayre in Saco changed to Ames and then eventually closed. Have you experienced such a loss? What local business could you not do without? Comment on our Fan Page.


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