There are some crazy things that people intentionally and unintentionally bring through TSA.

I don't know why, but I am always nervous when going through TSA at the airport. It's not that I have anything that is illegally packed, but I never want to be stopped.

There was a time, I was going through the body scanner and there were so many yellow squares on me. Luckily, it was something that was used to make my sweater, I learned to never wear that sweater again to the airport unless I wanted an intense pat-down.

According to, in 2020 Boston Logan Airport had one of the top 10 catches by TSA, ranking number 4 in the top 10. Here one traveler tried to hide marijuana inside a shampoo bottle. states that there were two black bags of it concealed inside a Head & Shoulders shampoo bottle. I do need to say that this traveler wasn't that smart, they put it in regular-sized shampoo bottles, which first off TSA would take away anyway since they are not allowed. 

However last week, something crazier tried to go through TSA in Boston.

According to Fox 46 News, One passenger was bringing his cane on a plane or attempting to at least. Well, when his cane went through TSA the traveler was stopped immediately.

Now, I know that there are special canes that are made that can hide things inside of them. Now this passenger was not trying to hide drugs in his cane, but there was something even more dangerous stashed in there.

Fox 46 News states that Boston Logan Airport TSA found a sword in this passenger's cane. Yes, a sword!

My anxiety would skyrocket if I was stopped for something like that at the airport. However, according to Fox 46 News, the passenger was just as surprised to see that a sword was hiding in his cane. They claimed to have recently purchased the cane and did not know that anything was inside.

Luckily, the passenger did the right thing and allowed TSA to confiscate the sword and continued on his travels.

It's not unusual that a sharp object is found and confiscated by TSA, however, I'm sure it was surprising to this passenger that TSA found one on them.

In case you forget, or just want to check, what you can and can't bring on the plane, you can find more information here.

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