The cold weather has really kicked in this week. Lots of Mainers are likely excited to get out there and do some socially distant ice fishing. There ain't really nothing that's more wicked Maine in the cold weather, than spending some relaxin' time with yer buds on the frozen lake.

Always be extra careful though, the ice on some bodies of water still isn't thick enough to venture onto yet. Check it first, guy.

Our friends at the National Weather Service in Gray remind us that "Ice is never 100% safe."

They posted an easy to understand chart that shows how many inches of ice it takes to support everything from people to pick-up trucks.

  • <2" Stay Off!!!
  • 4" Supports Ice Fishing and Walking
  • 5" Supports Small Groups/Ice Skating
  • 6" Supports Snowmobile/ATV
  • 9" Supports Cars
  • 12" Supports Medium Size Trucks

Remember if you aren't sure about the thickness of the ice, it's best to be safe and just stay off it.

Well now, how 'bout this genius invention to make ice fishing even more fun? It is absolutely mind-blowing how these dubbahs in Mt. Vernon created the "World's Largest Redneck Fishing Machine."

It's called the "Fish-O-Matic". To make it, they utilized a kids bike, ironing boards, a 12-volt battery, and more unused stuff from the yahd. There's even a friggin' catapult.


Now let's see how this awesome contraption works. You absolutely have to watch this till the end and see where the fish lands.

Judging by the grainy discoloration of the video quality, we'd say this goes back a few. Looks like it might be from the 1980s to us. Too funny!

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