It would probably be an understatement to say that food truck popularity has exploded in Maine in just the past few years. Forget the old ice cream truck you grew up on, cause there are a ton of incredible food purveyors dishing out five-star meals from the confines of a truck. People are curious about the food trucks, but one hurdle always seems to come up: where to find them. If a non profit organization in Lewiston has their way, finding food trucks won't be a problem for anyone through the warmest months of the year.

Signboard of a food truck with colorful pennants

Shared in the Lewiston Rocks group on Facebook, Christian Arsenault asked the community for leads on where his non-profit, known as Mission: Community, could potentially launch a weekly food truck park in Lewiston. The crowdsource received lots of enthusiasm with a few notable suggestions. The most popular response seemed to be Simard-Payne Memorial Park (Railroad Park) in Lewiston. That park abuts the Androscoggin River and has hosted other community events in the past. Another common response was the open Great Falls area in Auburn that frequently hosts traveling carnivals.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Unlike other cities in Maine, Lewiston doesn't appear to have a strict permitting process in place for a potential food truck gathering on a weekly basis. Arsenault stated in his initial post that if they could find a proper setting, the weekly event could take place on Tuesday evenings from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

While food trucks are popular, they often struggle to find a consistent spot to gather. The food truck battle continues in Portland. Biddeford's food truck court still does not have an opening date.


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