Our buddies at the Vanity of Maine Instagram page have come up with another bumper crop of crazy, funny and downright NSFW State of Maine vanity license plates. You see, in Maine, you can put ANYTHING on a vanity plate as long as you can do it in 7 characters. Here are some of the best of the past week.

We like the vanity plates where people tell fellow motorists what their favorite place is in Maine:


In honor of hunting season in Maine, we bring you GUNS and BRDSHOT.


Here are a couple ones of people telling us what they do. This guy seems to be involved with the lawncare business.



The person is quite self-aware of what kind of person they are. Thanks for the warning, jerk.




When in doubt....

Finally, there's the Toylady. This seems to be a plug for her Athena Home Novelties. Yeah, we looked that up and WOAH. Let's just say the "toys" are not the kind you find around a Christmas Tree.


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