A lot of people and families have Sunday traditions. We have friends who cook food for their entire week on Sunday, others do brunch, go antiquing, attend mass or hit up the laundry mat. It's their ritual and is seldomly disturbed. My family tradition has been Dunkin' Donuts on Sunday, ever since I was little.

We always went to my Memere and Pepere's house after church. Pepere would walk all the way to Dunkin Donuts on Route 1 in Saco to get two dozen donuts. After the grand kids fighting over jelly donuts for two weeks in a row, Pepere started buying only jelly donuts. That really made me miss my Boston creams. It was nice though. My cousins would be there, it was a chance to catch up and it made my grandparents happy to have everyone together enjoying a treat and maybe playing pokeno.

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Dunkin's Valentine donuts are adorable :)

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