That Stonington accent is a real panty-dropper, ayuh! According to Bangor Daily News, a survey done by Big 7 Travel shows that the Maine accent is the fourth sexiest in the U.S.!

The Top Ten Sexiest U.S. Accents:

  1. Texan
  2. Bostonian
  3. New Yorker
  5. Chicago
  6. Mississippi
  7. Hawaiian
  8. Philadelphia
  9. St. Louis
  10. California

I'm not a huge fan of a southern accent so I'm confused by Texan being number one and by the Boston accent making the list at all. Let's see what the bottom five are...

The Five Least Sexy Accents in the U.S.:

  1. Long Island, New York
  2. New Jersey
  3. Minnesotan
  4. Alaskan
  5. California Valley
  6. Southern Ohio

I spent so many hours trying to rid myself of my Maine accent when I got into broadcasting, and now it's sexy?! Is that the secret weapon of Anna Kendrick and Patrick Dempsey? Do they turn it on when they read for parts?!


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