A long holiday weekend with restrictions lifted and you find your tire slashed after going out to have a good time in Portand's Old Port.


That's what happened to over 30 cars early Monday morning. As people returned to their cars, people found one or more tires on their car slashed.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to News Center Maine, Portland police did make an arrest. People were going to their cars early Monday morning in the pouring rain to find their tires slashed.

It was witnesses who spotted a man who was in the area and told police. When police approached 43-year-old James Rozakis, he took off - but they caught him. He was charged with criminal mischief and trespass.

He's known to police as he is also wanted on three counts of violating his bail and a trespass warrant out of Biddeford. Police went to look for tires that had been slashed and left notes on those cars. If you had your tires slashed or saw something suspicious that you think the police should know, please call the Portland police.

Honestly, the world starts to open back up and stories like this happen more and more...



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